OMG! My ice machine just died!!

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OMG! My ice machine just died!!

Postby Jess » Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:26 pm

Hello fellow ice chewers! I am so happy to learn that there are others out there with the same ice cravings. I haven't tried out any of the recommended places for the best ice yet, but I may have to since my portable icemaker just died. The first one lasted over a year running 24/7, and was replaced just a few months ago with an Emerson model IM90T. I got it at Target and paid $150 for it. It's under warranty, so I'm hopeful that the company doesn't give me a hard time.

Anyway, even though it died on me prematurely, I still highly recommend this ice maker or one like it. The machine doesn't get cold enough to freeze the cubes super solid. When the storage bin is full, the ice on the bottom of the bin is perfect for chewing. What works best for me is to empty the full bin into a plastic pitcher and put it in the fridge while the icemaker makes a new batch. By the time the bin is full again, the ice in the pitcher is perfect! Repeat the cycle and always have ice ready to chew.
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