I often wondered, am I addicted to this or is it just fun...

Share your ice chewing stories.

I often wondered, am I addicted to this or is it just fun...

Postby mommafox » Fri Feb 20, 2009 4:57 am

I love eating crushed ice. I love ice water. I love snow. It feels warm to me. I am synesthetic. So, I am kind of weird anyway. I do not have pica. I just love a nice, snowy, crunchy, cup of ice-even in the middle of winter, I crave the stuff! Can I get some ice groupie love!??! Come on, now...who's with me? It is one of my favorite vices. Either I am not very good at choosing vices, or I am just about to sprout angel wings. LOL I know it is not the latter, though. One of my earliest childhood memories is of me slowly licking the frost off the door in front of the ice maker at the bottom of my parents' spanking new frost free, freezer. I was only four years old. And course, A Christmas Story was not made yet. So, imagine my surprise, when I went to pull away from the door, and found that I could not move, to save my life. My Granna Ruth was baby sitting me and my sister Shannon, who was a baby, then. And I knew I was in deep trouble. So, I sat there for quite awhile. Scared stiff-my little butt sitting in the freezer. Trying to dislodge my soundly stuck tongue. Man, oh man, when my Granna found me, she told me that she was sure I had left my sense in my back pocket, cause it, apparently, was sure was not in my brain! She said she had half a mind to beat my cold little butt, but that she thought that this predicament was punishment enough. I told her I was "thorry", but did not understand what she meant about punishment already served. And before I could ask her what she meant, she poured water on my tongue and ripped it off the door at the same time!! YEOUCH! Point made. Lesson learned. And from that moment on, I took my ice crushed and in the cup- or frozen into popcicles! That year, I asked for, and recieved, a manual ice crusher for Christmas! No more Ralpie moments for me, on Christmas, or any other day! ;-D :mrgreen:
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