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The Hard, Clear Stuff

Postby TexasIceMan » Fri Jul 08, 2005 5:04 pm

I've come to one conclusion about ice crunchers reading this web site...most of them are HILARIOUS! Funny, funny stuff.

I was an ice cruncher when I lived at home and had an ice machine at my disposal. Nothing obsessive, just a summertime habit. After I left home I didn't have an ice maker and didn't crunch ice for years after that.

I donate blood regularly and they check my iron. It has never been low except for one time when I tried to donate on a Monday afer I spent an entire Saturday out in the Texas summer heat doing heavy landscape work. So that's not the reason.

My habit is generally confined to the summer loses it's appeal during the winter.

My problem is I like the clear, hard stuff. Every dentist I've had has commented on how hard my teeth are...the hardest they've seen. So I can get the clear bag kind and crunch, crunch away. I'm giving up this habit however as I do not like to do things that injure my body. Plus my wife has already tattled on me to our dentist. It's just melt the ice in my mouth for now. But I'll be looking at Sonic ice as others have suggested in the forums.

My employer has a clear ice maker and I've picked up on the habit again. I'm known here as "the ice man". I go through one glass before and after lunch, and then maybe some at home in the evening if we have some bag ice that we've purchased (usually in the summer).

I consider myself a bit of an ice connoisseur. I've looked at the $1500 clear ice makers...what a dream. I guess I'll be shopping the restaurants now for good ice.
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