Getting teeth pulled next week, need some advice.

Share your ice chewing stories.

Getting teeth pulled next week, need some advice.

Postby Cubeabuser » Thu Apr 21, 2005 10:18 am

Ok, I'm having my wisdom teeth pulled next week and the dentist tells me that chewing ice is out of the question for two weeks. I'm looking for some tips to keep chewing. Has anyone else had this done? Is it just the pain that is an issue because I'm sure I'll be on pain killers afterwards and I can just keep taking those if thats the case.
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No chewing after having teeth pulled

Postby got ice? » Fri May 06, 2005 1:26 am

Hi, I know ice is addicting, I'm an addict myself. But, I wouldn't recommend chewing after having your teeth pulled. I tried after having 2 removed and three stitches and it HURT. I thought I was being careful, but it didn't work. Do yourself a favor and suffer through the 2 weeks. Don't even try to think that you can just suck on it and not chew, because it didn't work for me either. Sorry for the discouraging words, but it is only for a short time then you can chew till your heart's content.
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