A whole bunch of friends just like ME!!!

Share your ice chewing stories.

A whole bunch of friends just like ME!!!

Postby got ice? » Thu Apr 07, 2005 2:03 pm

I AM NOT CRAZY, I AM NOT LOSING MY MIND, AND I AM NOT ALONE!!!. Wow, what a good feeling. I can identify with so many of the postings that I get that de'javu feeling like I've been here before, but not. :shock: I drive out of my way to go to QT for ice. Then, I bring in the 54 ounce cup to fill with ice and I buy another one filled with ice and soda. My kids drink most of the soda, and I have more ice to chew. :) I just told a friend last night that I choose fast food restraunts according to what kind of ice they have. (I said it half joking, but it really is true) :wink: I can't go to bed at night if there is still ice left in my cup. It just has to be chewed. I can't leave a restraunt if there is ice still in my cup (or my husband's cup). I've often asked for a cup to go so I could have ice to chew on my way home. :roll: I have filled ice trays with small amounts of water so it would be easier to chew. I even shopped around to find smaller ice trays that would make "good chewing ice". (I was NOT successful in finding one) :( My husband jokes about knowing when ice is "soft". Truth is, I DO know the difference between hard ice and soft ice. (It's not the size of the cube, it's the consistency) :lol: I get aggrivated if the ice maker gets stuck and I run out of ice. I bag up the extra so that it makes ice all night so I will not run out. When we have company and have to use store bought bagged ice, I keep a bag of our homemade crushed ice and use it, because it is softer. 8) Everbody jokes about it and so do I, but I really do crave ice and feel like it is an addiction.
And the list could go on and on and on. I feel like I can "come out of the closet" with my ice addiction and not feel guilty any more. What a totally funny feeling over such a seemingly small thing. But, to those of us who chew ice, we know the truth behind the addiction and the secret ways we search out the perfect ice. :lol:
I am so glad this site is here. I'm not alone anymore.
Ice? Soft ice? Show me the ice!!!
got ice?
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